Biba M Stroller

I have been on the hunt for a lightweight stroller that gives me more options than an umbrella stroller for a while and I am excited to share that all my musts are available in the Biba M Single stroller!

The Biba M Single checks all the boxes on my list: a fully reclining seat, oversized canopy, easy folding, larger basket, and it must be lightweight.

I don’t want to say I’m a stroller pro, but I have pushed my fair share of strollers around with three kids that I want to think I know a little haha. The Biba M is super easy to maneuver whether we are visiting the local shops or exploring the great outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a single or a double, I highly recommend checking out the collections from Biba M. They have a color for every personality and style. Check out more on their page HERE.

Photos by Miss Stevi Marie



A month. That is how long it has been since I have even looked at the blog. So much happened in that month. Christmas. New years. Modeling gigs. Hurt foot. Family issues. The list goes on and on. SOOO, why did I just up and abandon it? Because it got to the point where it was expected of me to post. Yes I know, the point of a blog is for me to post, but when people are saying to me “you need to post more of the boys outfits” or post this or post that, that’s not me. It wasn’t for me anymore it was for everyone else. I don’t do commitment well. Before y’all chime in that I do commitment everyday of my life being married and being a mom… yes I am fully committed with all my heart. I am in a loving marriage and a stay at home mom to two amazing boys, yes it scares the shit out of me all the time. I do not know what the future will bring us and yes that is scary. Besides my brother and sister, surprise yes I have half siblings, there really has not been any stable committed relationships in my life. I panic everyday thinking that I could potentially fail my family, because that is all I knew growing up, but I know that it is all worth it. So, when the blog became something I had to do I ran. No thank you, I am out, see ya! Basically run the other way as fast as I can and not look back. But, I miss it. I won’t lie. Not necessarily the outfits and all that good stuff, but being able to share the real me with y’all. For you to see that there is more than just these cute little kids in cute little outfits running around. A real mom living a real life everyday. The ups, the downs, the good , the bad, and the ugly.


I am not going to say I am back 110%. I am not going to give you this huge long “I am going to post everyday and give you guys everything” rant. Cause that for sure is not me. It just take the little things in life to realize that sometimes you need an outlet. This is my outlet. If you love it, I love you, if you don’t that’s okay too. Some people are going to come here for the clothes, some people just for the real-ness, and some people just cause I bribed them to come and read my dumb posts haha. But I will share with you everything I love when I feel like it is something you will care about.


Where in the heck did all this come from you ask? No, probably not, but I am going to tell you anyways haha. Lately my very loving sons and brothers have not been so loving. They have their moments of pure just… I don’t even know, rage maybe, sometimes I honestly think they just hate each other. Nothing like I have ever seen before where Hurleigh will just go to town on Bentleigh, because Bentleigh is the sneaky one and does things to make him mad, but in a very quiet way. I know that they do not hate each other, far from it, they have a love I could have never imagined for them. So as I was putting them to bed in their beds tonight, that of course have to be touching Bentleigh said, and Hurleigh does end up half in Bentleigh’s bed so fine, I had this moment of fear. Fear that my commitment to them is failing, that some place I have gone wrong and something I am doing is not right. BUT I know siblings fight and I know people who are together 24/7, 365 days a year are not going to see eye to eye every second of everyday and that applies to them as well. So here we are. Basically venting on my blog and if you are still reading high-five. And thank you (:


E ❤

Baby boot socks.

Nothing makes me swoon more than little accessories. Everything is just cuter in miniature size. I have become obsessed with boot socks this fall. They are so adorable and add a little touch to any outfit. So when I saw baby boot socks, you bet i had to have them. Perfect for the fall days when they weather is getting chilly, all the way into winter with some cute Uggs or duck boots. We are still in the in-between seasons here. Somedays it is warms and your dying because your heat was on and other days your have 3 layers on. Today I am going to share with you some cute outfit inspirations for you baby sock boots, worn by Bentleigh and Hurleigh!

DSC_1835 DSC_1834 DSC_1833 DSC_1830 DSC_1831 boy wonder

 Bentleigh’s Outfit

Beanie // H&M (similar)  Top // Old Navy (available in stores)  Leggings // Old Navy (girls section)  Tied Sweater // Passive Juice Motel (similar)  Socks // Old Navy  Boots // Uggs (soft sole)

DSC_1840DSC_1844 DSC_1845 DSC_1846 dog moccs

Hurleigh’s Outfit

Hat // Gap  Glasses // IG @fjs_popshop Top // Carter’s  Tied Sweater // Similar Leggings // Old Navy (similar or sold in stores)  Socks // Old Navy  Moccs // Freshly Picked “Weathered Brown”

They can be paired with so many different styles of shoes. Today with went with Uggs and Moccasins, but we will definitely be mixing it up here soon!

Playground Fun

We got lucky and have a playground right in our community, but it is fun to take the boys out and explore new playgrounds. It has been crazy hot out, talking 90+ every day so our trips have been very short. We have also discovered that Hurleigh HATES, and when I say hate I mean scream bloody murder, tears whole shebang hate, the pool or splash pad. That’s making for an exceptionally hot summer. We managed to get him at least in the tiny kiddie pool at home, so that is a start. We got a cooler day so we took full advantage of it. We have been going to movie in the park on Monday nights and right next to the amphitheater is a pretty great playground that Beni has been begging to play at. We had a shoot in downtown Ogden so we took the boys over for some much needed play time.

20140717-201011-72611583.jpg IMG_0086 IMG_0085 IMG_0075 20140717-201009-72609958.jpg

Matching outfits can only mean one thing… photo shoot! Those pictures will be up later along with a HUGE surprise. They had so much fun. They are the best little partners in crime. Beni always makes sure Hurleigh is okay and helps him up to the slide and down. I can share with you one sneak peek from another shoot with the amazing Toni J Studios. Stay tuned for the whole shoot soon featuring this amazing tank from The Printed Palatte.


Stay tuned for the rest of the amazing photos from this shoot soon!

Elexis ❤


Hurleigh turns 2!

I officially have a two year old. Yesterday, July 10th, we celebrated Hurleigh’s amazing two years of life with a few close family and friends. I have to say, these last two years have been so amazing to watch him grow and mold our family into what it is today.


Back two years ago when I was about to have him, still so terrified to be having another boy, I could not have imagined the relationship him and Bentleigh would form and the love we would all share. He brings the perfect balance to our family. He is the sour to our sweet. I always say he is our little piece of chaos, because he is so fearless and always jumps head first into anything he is doing, sometimes literally. Now he is such an amazing little boy we could not have asked for anyone better to add to our family. He is such a strong spirit. He knows what he likes and especially what he dislikes, and while he does not talk much he lets you know. He loves animals of all shapes and sizes and I know he is going to do great things in his life. And yes the numbers do not lie, he is that tiny lol.

DSC_1296 DSC_1294

He decided to ring in his birthday in true Hurleigh fashion. You never know what he is going to give you day to day. Yesterday was not his favorite day that is for sure. It was his birthday and he cried if he wanted to lol. He finally enjoyed his day at dinner when he got to spend some time with a few of his favorite people. Then we spent the rest of the night playing with new toys. When he crawled into my bed this morning and he was doing his little stretches, still the cutest thing ever, I realized how lucky of a mom I am. I truly hit the jackpot. He has taught me that I can not expect rainbows and sunshine every day, but every moment is a gift. That even the littlest ones can have bad days too. I can not imagine any other life for us, the bad days and all. I always said that I only wanted two children, but Hurleigh turned that into a reality. We can not wait to see what the years hold for you little boy!

Happy 4th of July ‘Merica!

July is fast approaching and if you are like me you are searching for the perfect outfit already for the 4th of July… I actually feel like I am a little  late in the game lol. Slyfox Threads just came out with these amazing ‘Merica tee just in time for you to snatch one up. I know that in Utah it is BLAZING hot come July, so I took it totally practically as to what we would wear here. Also, I of course had to do a outfit for the little ladies and dudes, because this tee is totally unisex.

For your little dude I paired it with these amazing suspender shorts from H&M. I love the little star detail on the suspenders. White, high top converse are a staple in both of the boys wardrobe this summer. They go with everything and if they get dirty, it is as easy as throwing them in the wash. Pair it with a little tough of camo with this warrior band and your little rocker is ready to take on the day!

For the little ladies, I found this amazing tie dye skirt from Peek that I absolutely wish came in my size. Slip on some cute little red Saltwater Sandals, I love these with the scalloped edge and heart detail, for a simple pop of color. Of course I had to pair it with a big, fabulous bow. This silver, oversized bow from Ruby Blue Inc is one of my all time favorites!

I hope you love everything and get some inspiration for your little ones! Hope your summer is going great so far!
-Elexis ❤

Gender roles.

The other day I was talking with a friend about how we do not force gender roles on the boys. Then, as I was searching Pinterest I came across this saying:

“We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons, but few have the courage to raise our sons more like daughters.” -Gloria Steinem


Gender roles are the social and behavioral norms that are generally considered appropriate for either a man or a woman in a social or interpersonal relationship. I have always been a strong believer in letting the boys decide their route in life. I do not believe in forcing gender roles upon them. For the longest time when I was younger, believe it or not, I went through a tomboy stage. No one so much as blinked an eye when I said I wanted a boy hair cut. I was just going through a “phase” and I would eventually grow out of it. They placed the blame on the fact that my best friend was a boy, or that I was not sure where I fit in because of the color of my skin. So they labeled me a tomboy. I have always hated that term. Because a little girl likes “boyish” things, she is labeled a tomboy. I grew up that life, and I HATED it. I then turned a complete 180, as you can tell, and fell in love with fashion. When I had children I knew I did not want to force them into being something they may not want to be. So why is it okay for us to teach our daughters to be tougher and raise them more like our sons but not okay for us to raise our sons to be more compassionate and raise them more like daughters. Why is it okay for us to allow our girls to do boyish things, but if a boy wants to be a princess for dress up it is instantly frowned upon. Why when my son expressed that he wanted to grow his hair out did people say “you need a boy hair cut” or that people instantly assume Hurleigh is a girl and say “well I saw the hair and the shoes, aka moccasins, and instantly thought girl. Are boys not born with curly hair? I am pretty sure this is his natural hair and not the doing of a perm.


This hit me very hard when I faced my first deployment. Not only was I newly married, but I had my first child who was only three months old. I was the baby on my mother’s side and my father’s only daughter, so you can imagine how terrified I was. I had to step into a father’s “role”. I had to learn to fix things, take care of the car, do all the “manly” things that a father would normally do. I learned to change my oil and I may have used duct tape a few times, but I fixed a lot of broken stuff lol. Did that make me more manly, or was I just doing what I had to do as a parent? I also was raising my son, my first child, which was scary enough, but a boy. I knew nothing about being a boy. I knew I was a good mom, but I was scared. Then I really sat down and thought about it. Why would I raise my boy any different than a girl. They’re both children. I had made the decision not to raise my children how I was raised so why was it so hard?  Sure, I did not dress Bentleigh in dresses, but we did “girly” things. If you are going to ask, would I be against them wearing a dress, the answer is no. Bentleigh, every time we went to Babies R Us when the halloween costumes were out would put on a princess dress and strut around. He did not ask to bring it home so we left it there till our next visit. Shaeson was not on board when he came home. He was also raised the eldest of 5, 4 of those being boys. His parents were very strict on this is what boys do, so to him it was not normal. He had to slowly come around to realize that by letting Bentleigh do things that he wanted, whether they were “boyish” or “girly” would not hurt him. That by playing with a baby doll would not make him into a girl, but just show him how to be a father and have compassion. By buying him a kitchen, we were not forcing him into a role to stay at home, but rather how to cook so that if he ever lives alone he will not be stuck eating take out every night. That he wanted to paint his nails, play with my make up brushes, and walk around in my shoes not because he thought he was a girl, but that is what mommy did so why couldn’t he. He loves pink and loves wearing pink, so when I saw these pink boots I knew he had to have them. What totally breaks my heart is that I had to sit down and have the conversation with him that if someone says mean things about your boots, just tell them you like them and that is all that matters.

This took me to when I had people telling me that I was going to make him “gay” because of how I am raising him. I will say I was completely ashamed and embarrassed to be friends with everyone that said that at that moment in time. A COMPLETELY different topic for another day, but 1. people are not made homosexual. You are born that way and if one of my boys was born that way, I will not love them any less. 2. It is completely ignorant and small minded to say that about a small child that likes to play with dolls or vacuums just because it is not conforming to their gender role.

DSC_0423 DSC_0428 DSC_0433 DSC_0443 DSC_0444

When I was pregnant with Hurleigh, I was convinced he was a girl. Then my husband pulled out the, she can do whatever she wants and would wear big bows and dresses every day. I had to remind him, girl or not she would be a child and we would allow her to do what she wanted. If she did not want to wear bows, then no bows it would be. And if she wanted to play baseball, I would be at every practice. Hurleigh was not a girl (: Now having two boys, we love the life we have without gender boundaries. The boys love having their nails painted, they love helping me cook and clean, I am proud to say that Bentleigh’s favorite color is pink, and we spend just as much time in the baby aisle as we do the lego aisle. They both play dress up with my shoes and clothes, but give Bentleigh a baseball bat and he will show you whats up. Hurleigh, I mean, he is so feisty. He has a mean right hook and he is down to get dirty. Do I feel that letting my sons pick what they like and want to do is going to hurt them? Not by any means. I also am not saying that the way we do it is right. It just works for us and pushing gender roles on children is something I feel very strong about.



I have come across many amazing books, including The Princess Boy, which is about a young boy who loves all things sparkly and his mothers struggles to understand. There is also a book by Diane Ehrensaft PhD, Gender Born, Gender Made, that is on its way to me! It is about raising healthy gender-nonconforming children. I love reading about things like this and I feel that if I can be more aware and open to what my children may want to do, I can help them grow to be the adults they are meant to be. Letting them be who they want to be allows them to blossom. I am always told that I have the happiest children, which I promise is not true. That comes with the blogger persona that their life is “perfect” and I am the first to say it is not. My children have bad days just like others, but I feel that allowing them to be open like we have has made those bad days very limited. It is all about acceptance and love. We just need to remember to love them with no boundaries.