Active life.

I always say I am such a city girl but I grew up in a very small town. While it’s not for me, I think kids really benefit from living a slower, outdoorsy life. It’s not always go go go. We have been exploring all that Utah has to offer us and these postpartum leggings have been amazing for all our activities! Lots of support and super comfy.

Nothing like a pair of leggings to give you the confidence you need!

Check out Preggo Leggings Here!


Slyfox Threads


This feature is long over do. If you have not checked out Slyfox Threads, do so now! I was first introduced to them through Instagram, as most of the shops I feature. I purchased a few items and loved them. They then had a casting call for models, so of course I submitted us. Hurleigh and I went down for the shoot and the rest is history. Most people will read this and say, “well of course you love them, you brand rep for them”. To that I say, yes I am a brand rep for them, but it is so much more than that. I would not represent a company I truly did not love with my whole heart and soul. They are so much more than just the shop you see. They are amazing artists, photographers, parents, entrepreneurs, fashion idols, and friends. They continually create products that can be loved by everyone in your family. I loved their clothes, but I fell in love with their vibe and kindness. They will instantly make you feel comfortable, like you are long time friends. They put their heart and souls into Slyfox Threads like I have never seen before. Hannah and Andrew are truly an amazing power couple.


Their designs are fun and free, with the little bit of edge that is needed in everyone’s lives. Of course the clothes are so effortlessly cool. Featuring sizes ranging from babies all the way up to the dad of the house, you are sure to find something that everyone in your life will love. They are continually thinking of new designs and release items all the time so you can expect fun new things throughout the year to add to your wardrobe. Slyfox Threads originally started as a happy accident when Hannah realized she could not find cute bibs for her son. Through that Slyfox Threads has grown from bibs to tees, leggings, hats, bags, and even prints. In the short amount of time Slyfox Threads has been around, they have made themselves widely know in the fashion world. You can see such children as Kourtney and Scott’s son Mason to Jessica Alba’s little girl Haven sporting their Slyfox Threads tees.



I had the pleasure of spending some time with Hannah, Andrew, and their family for Bentleigh’s birthday. They are the sweetest family you will ever meet and made us feel instantly like family. They are also the hardest working people I know. Inbetween activities when we had down time, they were back at work answering emails and questions, getting items ready to ship. They run every aspect of their company from design to marketing.

You can check out all their items here and visit their Instagram and Facebook to show them some love. I truly love this company and family. You will for sure not be disappointed in anything they offer!











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I hope you love Slyfox Threads just as much as us. And stay tuned for some new exciting things to come!

Elexis ❤


Got a case of the Kickin Legs.

Leggings, I’m telling you the new go to for boys! If you saw Hurleigh’s clothes his jeans to leggings ratio is nuts. He owns like 4 pairs of jeans…but like 20+ pairs of leggings and that’s constantly growing. I am always looking for new fun designs to add to his collection. So when I came across Kickin Legs I had to have some!

Chelsea hand paints all the designs onto the leggings. And she’s always coming up with new designs! And plus? Her prices are CRAZY low! As a mom I know how hard it is to spend a lot on one item, although I am quilts of it, but when you can get a good deal on a great product you do it! She is super willing to work with you and make a pattern you will love! Super comfy, cute, cheap. Your asking yourself why you don’t own a pair right now! LOL

We have 4 pairs and I love each of them. The football ones I mean…perfection!!!

Go packers go!

The tribal print is a super fun variation on a popular pattern right now.


I had her add arrows to mine! Love them (:

And can’t forget the little ladies!

We actually have this design in blue he’s just a little small for them still (:
But you can see super fun! How much? Well I can’t ruin all the fun! Head to her etsy Kickin Legs to find out! And with that I would like to introduce you to Chelsea, creator of Kickin Legs (:

How did your shop get started? – I shop at Target. A lot. As the weather in Texas started to warm up earlier this year, I noticed dozens of pairs of solid-colored leggings on sale in my favorite part of the store – the children’s clothing section. I kept thinking to myself, “Someone who owns an Etsy shop should buy all of these and do something with them. I should tell somebody about these… but who?” This internal commentary went on for several weeks before I had the bright idea one Friday afternoon to buy them MYSELF and start an Etsy shop! I cleaned out 5 Targets across the Austin area within the next 48 hours.

How do you decide what to put in your shop? – Right now, I’m only selling leggings, but I’ve been experimenting with hand painted shirts, dresses, and even felt hair bows. I feel like the market is saturated with felt hair bows right now though, so I’m not sure if those will be added to the shop or not. I think the shirts will make their way to the shop soon though!

Who influences your decision for your shop? – Availability & artistic ability. I can’t buy wholesale because I don’t have a Tax ID # or a state resale license, so the products that I offer are based solely on what I can find within my price range at my local retailers. The cheaper and easier that I can acquire my supplies, the lower I can keep my resale prices. I have the least expensive hand painted leggings on Etsy! This is really just a hobby for me… I’m not looking to quit my day job, so I don’t feel the need to charge as much as other leggings sellers do.

What are your 3 favorite items in your shop right now? – My favorite pairs of leggings in my shop are the very first designs that I created… the neon pink leggings with black arrows on the sides of the ankles, the darker pink leggings with the metallic gold line & dot design, and the black leggings with the metallic copper arrow design. I had my beloved Texas Longhorns in mind when I purchased the copper (aka. burnt orange) paint!

What are your favorite fashion trends for littles for fall/winter 2013. – Obviously, I’m obsessed with leggings. I not only create them, but I also buy them… a lot of them! I seriously cannot wait for leggings weather to hit Austin. I’m excited to mix patterns… floral shirts with striped leggings… my daughter dresses better than I do, for sure.

Where do you see your shop in 5 years? – I’d eventually like to move on to screen printing clothing. I’d need to become a legit small business owner in order to do that, obtaining the Tax ID # and state resale license that I mentioned previously. I’d like to be able to reach a larger audience with a greater variety in colors, sizes, and unisex designs, with items available for babies, kids, AND adults.

How has the shop changed you as a person? – I’m so happy to have an artistic outlet… something creative to do in my free time (what little there is with a full-time job, a cross-city commute, a toddler, husband, house, and 2 dogs). My day job – which I love – does not necessarily nurture my artistic side, but now I have a hobby that does and I’m so pleased with the balance that it provides in my life!
Thank you Chelsea for being so amazing (:
-Elexis ❤