Biba M Stroller

I have been on the hunt for a lightweight stroller that gives me more options than an umbrella stroller for a while and I am excited to share that all my musts are available in the Biba M Single stroller!

The Biba M Single checks all the boxes on my list: a fully reclining seat, oversized canopy, easy folding, larger basket, and it must be lightweight.

I don’t want to say I’m a stroller pro, but I have pushed my fair share of strollers around with three kids that I want to think I know a little haha. The Biba M is super easy to maneuver whether we are visiting the local shops or exploring the great outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a single or a double, I highly recommend checking out the collections from Biba M. They have a color for every personality and style. Check out more on their page HERE.

Photos by Miss Stevi Marie


Rachel Lauket Photography

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I absolutely loved working with Rachel. It was one of the most fun shoots I have ever had. It was very laid back and we vibed very well together. Rachel is an amazing photographer. She caught all the really fun moments and has an amazing eye. I can not wait to shoot with her again.

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For this shoot I wanted to take one shirt and style it two different ways. The shirt is a crop from Pacsun and one of the softest, most comfortable shirts I own. The first look is a more girly feel. I paired it with a maxi skirt that I made and a jean jacket. It is the perfect outfit for any girls day out or date night.

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Long sleeve Crop // Pacsun – Similar

Skirt // Handmade

Jean Jacket // H&M

Bag // Fawn Design

Sunglasses // Rue 21 – Similar

Necklace // The Chic Orchid

Watch // Wet Seal – Similar

Bracelets // Alex and Ani & Pura Vida

Mug // Starbucks


I love taking very versatile pieces and making them work for many different outfits. It give you more options and allows you to save by just having staple pieces in your wardrobe. I hope you love it and stay tuned for the second outfit with Rachel Lauket Photography!

❤ Elexis XO

Fawn Design

DSC_0024 I am so happy to be able to share with you this amazing company. I first came across Fawn Design at Craft Lake City, if you are not from Utah it is an amazing festival full of all the most talented people you can find in the surrounding Salt Lake area. I swooned over them and completely fell in love. Fast forward a few months and Jenny and I start talking. Let me tell you, she is the sweetest girl. She puts so much love and heart into every bag. DSC_0037   When My bag came in the mail, it was even better than I remembered. It is the perfect everything bag. As a mom of two, I though “Oh, well I only have diapers for one so I do not need a diaper bag anymore”. No one warned me that the amount I would be taking would stay the same. I’ve traded in extra outfits and diaper ointment for action figures and un-necessary movie, just in case we go somewhere and they need to watch it. Two boys with two very different personalities also means two different types of snacks and juice, diapers for one still, and everything that I want in my purse. That is a lot. My little, cute purses that I was so happy to use again, just were not cutting it. DSC_0040 The Doe bag can be used as a backpack and a Messenger bag for easy carrying in any situation. It is made from high quality Faux Leather and an inside that completely pulls out, which makes it super easy to clean if you have any little spills or accidents that we all know happen too often. It is super stylish and modern, with a sleek look that compliments any outfit and style. And I have not even got to the size. Nine, yes NINE, pockets for easy storage for everything you need! Four exterior pockets to stash bottles, keys, cell phone,  anything you need easy access too and five internal pockets to hold every snack, diaper, sunglasses, mail, or anything that you throw in your bag. The amount of space in this bag is seriously out of this world. I can’t even find enough stuff I need to take that even fills it halfway. DSC_0046 Gorgeous right. And she made this, her pattern, sewing each piece together herself, with her own two hands. If you have had the pleasure of seeing this bag, you would not believe me. The craftsmanship is straight out of a high-end store. My husband saw it and instantly assumed I bought it from a large store and when I told him it was all handmade he was in disbelief. DSC_0020 But Jenny needs help. The demand for her bags is just too much for her to keep up with. She has started a Kickstarter, that is running from today, December 1st to December 15th, and you have the opportunity to pre-purchase your own bag in Black and Brown at the discounted price. If she meets her goal, all the bags will go into productions and she will begin to have her bags manufactured, which will allow her to design new product innovations. Head over now to watch the amazing video and read all about her story now here. I promise you, this will be the last bag you ever need. Now go show Jenny some support and let’s make Fawn Design the new go to bag of 2015! DSC_0041

DIY Kimono

I am in love with kimonos recently. They go with everything whether it be jean shorts or a maxi dress. My problem was that I did not have enough of a variety, nor could I find any really long ones that I love. So, I took it into my own hands to figure it out, literally. Here I will show you how to make a kimono from something we all have in our closets I am sure… a scarf.

I have had this scarf for as long as I can remember. It is super summery, but it is way to hot in the summer in Utah to wear it as a scarf. So, I usually wear it at the pool and that is about all the use it gets. I love the colors and how tropical it makes me feel. Your going to start off by holding the top corners.


Then you are going to fold it in half horizontally.


Now you will be holding the folded edge and two raw edges. You are going to bring the corners together and knot them.

DSC_1209 DSC_1210

Once it is knotted, grab the opened edge and peel it open. The end result will leave you with two arm holes and the knot will be located at your neck.


I got so many compliments on it today and people could not believe that it was just a scarf. I would recommend using longer scarves. Just one more use for all those scarves we have stashed in our closets….or is that just me lol.

DSC_1216 DSC_1217 DSC_1223 DSC_1220 DSC_1221

Jumper and Necklace // Forever 21

Fishtail braids

How do you do it all?

This is a question I often got asked and every time I did I simply answered with something like, “I’m a mom, I can do everything.” Don’t get me wrong, I totally have a sense of superwoman spirit since I had children and rightfully so, but even she has to take some time off. Then I was looking at the photo above that my husband took of me yesterday, and normally I would have deleted it. “I look too tired” or “do you see those bags” would have been my first response. And I will not lie, I thought about deleting them and then I stopped. I try to teach my children that they are beautiful no matter what, yet I sit here being my worst critique when most people would never notice my tired eyes if I had never mentioned them. To others they would just see me, a mom and a woman who looks happy. My husband told me I looked beautiful today, so why would I see anything less than that. I should not be ashamed to show a photo off of myself that to me is not perfect, because that is exactly what I want you to see me as. I want everyone to receive a sense of rawness from my blog. It really got me thinking about that question, how do I do it all? My answer: I don’t. I would be lying to you if I said that I did. Yes, I am a mom, but I am not perfect. If that is what my readers have received from me, I feel I have not done my job as a blogger and totally done you all a disservice. Yes, I am the girl who can totally turn it on in front of a camera and rock a day out at the park with two kids in tow, but my life has its down just like any other. While I do share a majority of my life, I try not to share the bad experiences, but I can promise you I have bad days, my kids do throw fits, and it is not all high heels and happiness. This is the reality, that there are days where I am just down right tired and the kids have managed to pull out every toy I have not seen for the last 3 months. I remember reading blogs and seeing all these fabulous moms and their lives look so perfect that I questioned what I was doing wrong. Why do they not look tired or am I not giving my boys the best experience because I do not do fun projects or make super cute lunches for them every day. The answer is simply, No. It is okay to not be perfect, because I would be willing to bet that all these moms I envied had their share of bad moments too. I’m just perfectly imperfect and I’m okay with that. I am also not going to be afraid to share that with you.

The questions should be, “How do I make it work with the good and the bad?” Let’s face it, it is inevitable that life will have it’s bad moments. It is all about how you handle them that will define those moments. For the longest time I took the bad moments so personally that they would all break me down and cause me so much anxiety. Before I had children I was so carefree and nothing phased me. As soon as I had Bentleigh, my whole outlook on life changed. I was not only responsible for my life, but my child’s life. My anxiety went through the roof about every little bad moment that happened, and I’m talking everything. I knew something had to change, but no matter what I did I was still so overwhelmed. Did it happen overnight? Heck no. It took lots of trying and failing and getting back up again. It took me a total of about 3 years to finally make a change.


If you were to ask me how do I do it all now, my answer would be, “I take each moment for what it is because I am strong, because I know that the storm will pass, and every moment good or bad is a gift.” I may be in sweats some days and my house might not be magazine worthy, but I am surrounded by so many opportunities for great moments. Your life can be as amazing as you allow it to be. I love this quote by Jenny Layton from, “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.” We have to learn to see the joy in the picture that may have a little coloring outside the lines, but often times those are the pictures that were made with the most love and happiness. We have to learn to be perfectly imperfect. My picture could have been on the cover of Vogue or Marie Claire. Who are we kidding, I don’t even read those magazines unless I’m at the doctor! Now my picture is the cover of my favorite children’s book, that we can illustrate with any of our most favorite moments. It’s a picture that was created with love, hope, wonder, and a little bit of chaos. This is the picture I want to share with you, my perfectly imperfect life.

Overalls // Casual weekend

I Am jumping on the overall bandwagon and I will say I absolutely love it! I thought for sure I would feel like a little kid, but I kept it simple and felt very chic. If you have been following me for a while, you know I love love love a great deal. I am not ashamed to say that I shop clearance racks like it is my life. I found the perfect pair of overalls for me at Rue 21, for only…… $7. Hello, I can barely buy underwear for that cheap! I of course already had the white tee, shoes, and necklace. It was the perfect outfit for the super simple day we had. We went to the park and I ran around with the kids. I whipped up a fish tail braid to keep my hair out of my face and it was perfect.
It was guard this weekend, so we are always excited when sunday rolls around for daddy to  come home. Today, he surprised me with my favorite summer treat. DILLY BARS! I love them more than any other ice cream treat. When I was younger I remember so many trips to Dairy Queen to get treats with my family. I was so surprised when I moved to Utah and not that many people knew what they were. I am so excited that I can share this little treat with the boys and start our own summer traditions.
DSC_0986 DSC_0984
Overalls // Rue 21
White tee // Bohme
Shoes // Toms
Necklace // Brin and Bell
Overalls // Casual weekend

All black and white.

We know I have an obsession with black and white. I love stripes, high waists, pointed toe shoes, and put them all together and its like the best day ever. I go a little nuts matching everything for birthday parties, so when I was putting together everyone’s outfit for Beni’s birthday I realized I only had white pants/skirts. I knew that was not a great idea for a birthday party. So, I decided to get creative. I always think of things that I want to make, and when I saw a DIY high waist maxi skirt on pinterest I knew I had to jump on it. I can make a lot, but my sewing skills are pretty limited to children’s clothing so this was a first for me.


It was a pretty basic pattern. Honestly, I probably could have done it without seeing someone else’s project. In total it cost me less than $15. I purchased a basic black, flat bed sheet and I knew I wanted a contrasting zipper and stitching. It is far from perfect, but I am so in love with it. I am already looking for new fabrics to make more. The original pattern was not a big as mine. It used about half of the fabric I used, but you might as well go big or go home I always say lol.

DSC_0765 DSC_0767 DSC_0770 DSC_0775 DSC_0776 DSC_0777 DSC_0781 DSC_0787

 Necklace // The Chic Orchid

Shirt // H&M

Shoes // Target