Biba M Stroller

I have been on the hunt for a lightweight stroller that gives me more options than an umbrella stroller for a while and I am excited to share that all my musts are available in the Biba M Single stroller!

The Biba M Single checks all the boxes on my list: a fully reclining seat, oversized canopy, easy folding, larger basket, and it must be lightweight.

I don’t want to say I’m a stroller pro, but I have pushed my fair share of strollers around with three kids that I want to think I know a little haha. The Biba M is super easy to maneuver whether we are visiting the local shops or exploring the great outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a single or a double, I highly recommend checking out the collections from Biba M. They have a color for every personality and style. Check out more on their page HERE.

Photos by Miss Stevi Marie


Tomorrow today.

This post is sponsored by Tomorrow. All words and opinions are my own.

Now that we have been sleeping on the Tomorrow hybrid mattress for a while I wanted to update everyone on how our sleep has been.

My sleep overall has improved greatly. Well I mean as great as still having a nursing baby can be haha. I used to toss and turn and could lay in bed for hours before falling asleep. Now I get in and instantly am tired and fall asleep instantly. The hybrid mattress is firm enough to not have a sore back but soft enough to give you just that perfect squeeze.

The smart tracker has been keeping track of how our sleep has improved as well. It tells you each day in a detail of your previous night how you slept. It has really helped me keep track of how many hours I am sleeping a night and making sure I get enough or not too much sleep.

The Tomorrow Sheet Sethas been amazing as well. I’m definitely not a picky person but after using their sheet I will be. They are so silky and soft. They also keep you just the right amount of cool and warm throughout the night. I can’t sit in my bed anymore without wanting to take a nap right away.

We have definitely been satisfied with the sleep on our Tomorrow mattress. We are excited to extend the offer to our readers by offering $100 off any $500 order with code “BASIC100”. Now head over and see what Tomorrow will bring you.

Xoxo – Elexis


We have been sleeping on the same mattress for basically our whole relationship. That means our mattress is 8 years old. Older than Bentleigh and I have slept horrible all 8 years. But I’m a mom so I thought “okay I was pregnant, had a newborn, pregnant, had a newborn, etc…” and that was just normal mom sleep. I could lay in bed for hours just tossing. Until we met Tomorrow Sleep Mattress.

I always thought that there wasn’t much difference between mattresses. I would lay on them in the stores and think that they all felt the same. I always wondered does the difference between a Medium Soft and a Medium Firm really make that much of a difference? Is a memory foam hybrid mattress really worth it? I can tell you it totally is!

I now sleep like a baby, or better yet my husband! I get in bed and instantly my eyes are heavy. No more tossing and turning. I wake up in the morning before my alarm and I actually feel like I got a good night sleep, well as good of a night sleep as I can with a nursing baby. I can say without a doubt this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on.

I am now a firm believer that everyone should be sleeping on the best mattress and to help Tomorrow is offering all my amazing followers $100 off any order of $500 or more with code “BASIC100”. We know that it is so important to get a great night sleep and we want to make sure everyone is able to get a system to help you do that! Shop all the Tomorrow products HERE!

Stay tuned for more on the Tomorrow Sleep Tracker and how my husband and I have been tracking our sleep!

Beach days.

We had such an amazing Labor Day. We just hung out on the beach all day while the kids played and sweet Ellie even took a nap. Our smart edge outdoor blanket and toddler lounge from Lulyboo definitely made our day easier.

All my little water babies snuggled up eating snacks together was just what we needed.

Of course the easy clean up and storage options make my mama heart happy. The blanket rolls right up with a carrying handle and the lounge buckles into a backpack! Score! I’d say it was a successful day. Check out Lulyboo on IG HERE.

Hooded towels from Kindhood. Check them out on IG HERE.

Active life.

I always say I am such a city girl but I grew up in a very small town. While it’s not for me, I think kids really benefit from living a slower, outdoorsy life. It’s not always go go go. We have been exploring all that Utah has to offer us and these postpartum leggings have been amazing for all our activities! Lots of support and super comfy.

Nothing like a pair of leggings to give you the confidence you need!

Check out Preggo Leggings Here!

Ellie’s Bear Bash

Photo by Shanda Photography

Our baby girl is one! We had the most amazing time celebrating with our friends and family. She was so loved. I love planning parties, I just think it is so fun and to see it all come together is my favorite. And then the party is over and while the decorations are gone the memories will always be cherished.

Shirt from Chinny Flynny.

There wasn't a more fitting party then a Rainbow Bear Bash for our rainbow baby. She loves her Care Bears and being our rainbow baby it was a perfect fit. We kept it very simple. She brought all the cheer to the party we needed.

Cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy.

She was a sassy little thing at the party. Her two favorite gifts when opening were her rainbow dog and her jewelry. A girl after my own heart.

We are just so grateful for all the help and the love that everyone came to the party with. Truly nothing means more to use than having people love our children. It is something really special to find people that have true and genuine respect and love for your kids. I'd say we have done a great job of surrounding them with a group of amazing people.

Decorations Zurchers & Target

Mocktails with Ocean Spray®︎

This post is sponsored by Ocean Spray®︎ Mocktails.

I am super excited to share with you three ways I love to have my mommy mocktails! Ocean Spray®︎ offers three delicious non-alcoholic options inspired by some favorite cocktails! They are perfect for the beach or any get together this summer. Super refreshing and they taste amazing!

I am a pretty simple girl. With three kids, making a fancy drink is the last thing on my mind. Ocean Spray®︎ makes it easy with their line of Mocktails. You can pour straight from the bottle and enjoy with just ice! I especially love the Tropical Citrus Paradise served over ice. 

I am a bubbly girl though. I love the crisp taste they bring to any drink. You can mix any sparkling water or soda in with your Mocktail! The Cranberry Peach Bellini was so good mixed with a dash of lemon lime soda!

Now this one may have been the favorite. My kids love popsicles, what kid doesn’t, so we always have plenty on hand. I took a very berry popsicle in a glass and poured the Cranberry Sangria over it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t catch the boys drinking basically the whole thing! 

There are so many options to make these Mocktails your own. They make me feel all sorts of fabulous mommy and I love that I don’t have to worry about my kids sneaking from my drink! I know that summer can be especially hectic with the kids out of school or whether you are a new or expecting mom, we all need some time to unwind and refill our mama tanks! You can check out more about each drink here. You can use the link on each drink to find where to purchase local to you or to purchase online.