Be different.

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I have not always been one to conform. I do not like to buy something just because it is “in style”. Now if it is on sale and super cheap, I will probably buy it just because I can not pass up a sale. I have always been the girl that looks through the men’s section to see what I can make work for me. This dress may be the best purchase I have ever made in the men’s section. I am so obsessed with this dress, that is really a men’s tank. Ah, I know I know, it’s amazing and on sale! I made my husband buy himself a tank too, but really I just wanted a second dress and to not feel guilty for him not getting something lol.

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I am all about comfort and just wearing whatever suits my mood that day lately. We spend so much time outside in the summer, dresses are my go to. I was not made for 100+ degree weather. Minnesota was snow 90% of the year and I was okay with that. You think after 7 years, I would be adjusted. I even went as far as thinking about cutting my hair. I had a moment of weakness. Fall!! Hurry up and get here (:

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Tank Dress // H&M

Necklace and Bracelet Stack // Alex and Ani

Bag // Fawn Design

Clutch // Olivia and Joy

Shoes // Similar

Hat // Similar

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5th Six Ways to Style featuring this amazing Shabby Apple skirt.


 LOOK #5 || STYLING: LB’S Interlock Protector. Lover. Mother wht/wht muscle tank || Almost to the end of my Six Ways to Style and this tank is still one of my very favorites to wear. I honestly find myself scrambling to find it when it comes time to style it because I wear it so often. Outfit number 5 i wanted something fun. I would be lying if I did not want to just throw on a pair of leggings or shorts and say “hey here is outfit number 5” because its been 100+ degrees here but how fun would that be. Plus, I love to be different. Ever since I was younger, I liked to dress however I wanted no matter what people thought. I got asked if I was going to prom multiple times when I wore this outfit. Totally flattered that they think I look young enough to…

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