Baby boot socks.

Nothing makes me swoon more than little accessories. Everything is just cuter in miniature size. I have become obsessed with boot socks this fall. They are so adorable and add a little touch to any outfit. So when I saw baby boot socks, you bet i had to have them. Perfect for the fall days when they weather is getting chilly, all the way into winter with some cute Uggs or duck boots. We are still in the in-between seasons here. Somedays it is warms and your dying because your heat was on and other days your have 3 layers on. Today I am going to share with you some cute outfit inspirations for you baby sock boots, worn by Bentleigh and Hurleigh!

DSC_1835 DSC_1834 DSC_1833 DSC_1830 DSC_1831 boy wonder

 Bentleigh’s Outfit

Beanie // H&M (similar)  Top // Old Navy (available in stores)  Leggings // Old Navy (girls section)  Tied Sweater // Passive Juice Motel (similar)  Socks // Old Navy  Boots // Uggs (soft sole)

DSC_1840DSC_1844 DSC_1845 DSC_1846 dog moccs

Hurleigh’s Outfit

Hat // Gap  Glasses // IG @fjs_popshop Top // Carter’s  Tied Sweater // Similar Leggings // Old Navy (similar or sold in stores)  Socks // Old Navy  Moccs // Freshly Picked “Weathered Brown”

They can be paired with so many different styles of shoes. Today with went with Uggs and Moccasins, but we will definitely be mixing it up here soon!


Ryan Houston Photography

Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5015

I met Ryan Houston, of Ryan Houston Photography, on Facebook. Social media people, I am telling you. You can make so many amazing connections. Just be careful because there are those that try and abuse it.

He was, I would like to say, my door to the world of modeling and photography in Utah, because without his approval into “Models of Utah”, I would not have met him or any of the other amazing people I have met so far lol. So, thank you Ryan. He is truly a very kind, very talented photographer. We had talked about shooting long ago, but location has always been our down fall and his addiction to metal detecting. (:

Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4843 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5014

When he ended up in my neck of the woods and wanted to shoot, I knew we had to. I wanted to do something fun and free. So, with free reign to do whatever I wanted, we ended up with this boho/hippie love that I like to call magic.

Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4945 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4985

Ryan Houston Photography ladies and gentlemen, made me look like I was in the angelic lighting ever known to mankind. We tromped through the mud, and I was doing high steps through super tall grass, and ever second was worth it.

And since I wanted to share ALL of the photos with you, and of course posting every one of them to my Instagram is probably not what my followers want to see, they will go here! Thank you Ryan, you are amazing. If you are in the Salt Lake area find Ryan Houston Photography on Facebook and check out the rest of his work.

Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5145 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4939 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5032 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5108 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4983 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5193 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5205-2 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5137 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5230 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5256 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-4947 Elexis Model Ogden Autumn Colors 2014-5258

Slouch Headwear

A staple piece in our fall/winter wardrobe is definitely beanies! I love the look of slouchy beanies on the boys. They go with so many outfits and with fall and the cool weather upon us, comfy outfits are a must. Throw on some sweats and a pullover with a slouchy beanie and you are set to go. Bentleigh is at the stage where he is very, very opinionated on everything, including his hair. He has decided he wants to grow his hair out to be big like Hurleigh’s but not as long. So, here we are. We are at a totally awkward stage right now for his hair and it is so thick and just not made to be long, but what Bentleigh wants, Bentleigh will get. It is nice to have a beanie to just throw on when he refuses to let me do his hair. And of course we all know that Hurleigh’s hair is just wild and unruly all the time. Seeing his little curls pop out of the sides of a beanie is one of the best things ever.


I love small companies. Even more, I love small companies from Utah. When I came across Slouch Headwear I knew they were a company for me. Carl and Emily, the founders of Slouch Headwear, started the company after searching for stylish and affordable beanies for their son. When they could not find exactly what they were looking for, they decided the best route would be to make them. From that was born Slouch Headwear. Every fabric is hand picked by them and made right here is Utah, to ensure the highest quality possible. They are super comfortable, which makes them perfect for every season of the year.

They are amazingly well made. I love the fit and they have the perfect amount of “slouch” to them. They are such a sweet, loving company, and you will be welcomed with open arms. Check out all their amazing prints over on their Instagram and Twitter, @slouchheadwear, and make sure to follow them to stay up to date on any sale, promotions, and new products they may be offering!

DSC_0126 DSC_0125 DSC_0120


My two favorites are the “Pea Green” and “Leopard” slouch beanies. They are always releasing new colors and their prices are perfect for every mama out there! Hurry and check out Slouch Headwear now and snag your little some of the most stylish beanies available!