College Mom.

Fall semester is in full swing….and by full swing I mean I finally got into the swing of it and caught up from being a slacker. Yes, I am HORRIBLE at managing my time. I hate to admit it, but I always put school last. This semester I have challenged myself to learn to balance both well. Not just get my homework done 30 mins before it is due. I always loved school, but when I moved to Utah I decided to take time off. Time off turned into starting a family, a deployment, a second child, until I realized I am never going to finish if I keep putting it off. So here I am, third semester in and I think I am finally getting the hang of being a college mom and wife. Took me long enough. Now 1-2 nights a week I have to head up to the college and get my work done. Of course I thought how can I be comfy, but still fashionable. That gave me the idea to do this post, college mom. I have never been the type to just put on sweats and go to school. I can imagine if I was in college full time that would be the case, maybe, but that is just not me. So once a week I will do a post on a super comfy, but still stylish outfit that you can wear whether you are in college or you are just looking for an everyday look.

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I really love super oversized shirts. Always a go to for mine. I found this one at TJ Maxx, for $4.99. I totally recommend checking out for it, but here is a similar style. I sized up, to an XL to get this very over sized look. I paired it with pleather leggings from Bohme and brown boots that I purchased many, many years ago. Find a similar pair here. This snapback hat is my all time fav from Slyfox Threads. Super comfy for a day at home and a night at college.


Rags to Raches

The end of summer came and we are slowly moving into fall. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the layers and every fall essential that comes with dressing the boys. This amazing romper from Rags to Raches is perfect for fall layering. It is so soft and breathable. Very roomy and comfortable for all those little wild children that love to run around. Hurleigh has been obsessed with these Hunter boots since the moment he got them. He would wear them every day if I let him, cue buying my colors for fall. And everything flannel, well I’m from Minnesota and flannel has its own spot on the color wheel up there lol. It can still be pretty warm here during the day, but mornings and nights are pretty cool. Tie a sweater or button up around your little ones waist to have it on hand whenever they get a little chilly. Make sure to check out Rags to Raches for more amazing items too, they have some of the best rompers coming out that I have been waiting for very impatiently lol.

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That chocolate milk face gets me every time! Say hello to grumpy cat! (:

Labor Day Sales!

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you all have had an amazingly fun, safe, and adventure filled weekend. Now it is time to unwind from all of that and relax. What better way than some shopping. I have already been taking advantage of some amazing Labor Day sales and wanted to share with all of you a few of my favorites. Click shop name to take you to sale (:


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I hope you have an amazing day and get some great deals!

Loves ❤