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A while ago, I received an email from Jen, Little Boogaweezin. I will be completely honest, I thought it was an ad and almost deleted it in my morning haze. I did not though and inside was something I never though in a million years wouldhappen. Jen, the amazing owner of LBW, asked me to do a Revamped mom uniform for them. I had seen the mom they picked before me and was so honored. Today is the day! My revamped mom uniform is live! Here are just a few photos from it, but head to Little Boogaweezin to check out the whole feature (:

DSC_0322 DSC_0335 DSC_0364 DSC_0344


Wild One

This Spring/Summer I am all about shorties! Shorts, bloomers, shorties…they go by many names and call them what ever you want, they are AMAZING!
I found this pair during my daily Etsy search for fun items, we all do it, it is totally okay, and fell in so much love. Plus side, they are soo affordable I about peed when I saw the price. Head to Lil Sugarlamb to snag your pair. So, I instantly bought and here we are. My first thought, “time to put together an outfit.” Of course I went to one of the best shops around, Slyfox Threads. Really, they have so many tees that I would pair with them, but their “Wild” tee seemed fitting. Pair it with their “Blackout” camper hat, pulling the neutral blacks to bring all the pieces together, makes it the perfect Summer outfit. Of course I had to use Saltwater Sandals. They are my new favorite sandals for the boys! Super easy to put on and cute for boys and girls. A cute little backpack to carry all their toys they have to bring with and bam, effortlessly cool Spring/Summer look.
Wild One by bahlbabies featuring hats


To say we have been busy lately, is an understatement. We had my grandmother here visiting for 3 weeks, finals are like now, and we had Easter this weekend. Even with everything and running around, we have been having a blast! The weather has been gorgeous, so we have been outside as much as possible. I, for whatever reason, thought that it would be a great idea to want to redecorate the whole house at once. The biggest project being the boys room. We are doing a complete overhaul of the whole thing. Can NOT wait to share the photos with you! The rest is just switching out prints, moving a few things around, and de-cluttering! I want to get rid of like a quarter of the items in our house…I go a little stir crazy after we have been trapped in the house all winter. Plus, my husband thinks I am a hoarder. I might be slightly, but at least I purge once in a while lol.

We also had the oppurtunity to work with the amazing Slyfox Threads this weekend! Head to their page and check out just some of the fabulousness they have to offer. Seriously, they are the sweetest couple I have ever met. Talk about power couple right there! All of their items are amazing. You will not be disappointed. (:

On to EASTER! It was amazing. So calm and relaxing. We spend the majority of the day at home, playing with the boys new wooden blocks from Wooden Giraffe and then we went to Shaeson’s grandparents. We bounced on the trampoline, took a walk, played with their dogs, and shot some bows. Of course I took a ton of pictures! Here are just a few from our family egg hunt and Easter day! We did not want to go crazy so we only got them both a few items. I wanted to get them toys that forces them to use their imagination and get up and move to play with. I will snap some photos of them for a fun gift ideas post! (:


DSC_0796 DSC_0815 DSC_0899 DSC_0995 DSC_0950 DSC_0960 DSC_0933 DSC_0930 DSC_0917 DSC_0870 DSC_0886 DSC_0997


Bentleigh’s 1st Outfit

Top & Pants // Good Boy Friday

Bow Tie // Mark It With A Q

Shoes // Converse

Bentleigh’s 2nd Outfit

Top // Prefresh from Sailor Janes

Jeans // Zara

Shoes // Saltwater Sandals

Hurleigh’s 1st Outfit

Top // Burlington

Bottoms // Zara

Moccs // Freshly Picked

Hurleigh’s 2nd Outfit

Hat // Slyfox Threads

Top // Bobo Choses

Cutoff Shorts // The Children’s Place Jeggings


Rocker mom.

I have been looking for a faux leather jacket for a while. Nothing ever fit me the right way or just did not have the right look for me. Back to Uptown Cheapskate,  hello fabulous jacket. I fell head over heels in love INSTANTLY. I pray that it fit. It was perfect in every way. I love the fit, the color, the studs. It is like it was made or me.


I knew instantly I had to have itt. You can never beat a killer deal too. Less than $20. You can not see but these jeans are high waist. Yep, totally my favorite right now. Wait for it…. $4!! I am telling you, if you are in the Salt Lake area you need to Uptown Cheapskate and fast! Amazing place with fabulous workers.

It has been so warm lately I have not had a chance to wear it. Today it finally cooled down and I wanted something stylish, but comfy and casual since I would be running around. Sad day, because my grandma leaves in the morning. We have been spending the day just hanging out and went and took a family picture so this was the perfect outfit. Perfect outfit for the mom on the go that wants a little bit of an edge. I also want to say, I took my grandma’s advice on facial cleansing to heart. My face has never felt so amazing in my life. I have stopped wearing foundation just because my skin has this amazing glow. Do not worry! All her secrets and masks are sharable and I will post about my new skin regimen soon.

DSC_0569 DSC_0591DSC_0572DSC_0573DSC_0576DSC_0594DSC_0565DSC_0596

Jacket // Fanny Shop from Uptown Cheapskate

Tee // H&M

Jeans // XXL from Uptown Cheapskate

Shoes // Coach

Hat // Forever 21

Necklace // Maurices – Similar

Kindred Oak Giveaway!

Perfect day to kick this giveaway off. We all went to Bijou Market today and found some amazing brands and saw some of my favorite brands in person for the first time. One of my favorite booths there of course was Kindred Oak. We absolutely love Paige and all her work is beyond amazing. She puts so much love into every product she has to offer. If you are in Utah and want to venture to Provo, head to Bijou Market tomorrow, show her some love, and pick up some amazing products for your babe.


One of the many products I absolutely love of hers, are her Warrior Bands. They are perfect for any little one running around. Especially this time of year when they are crazy, running around outside. Both my boys wear they. It works perfect to tame Hurleigh’s wild curls and Bentleigh can wear them and his hair just falls over the front for an effortlessly cool look. The tank Hurleigh is wear is from Kindred Oak too! Amazing, right?!

DSC_0487 DSC_0489 DSC_0494 DSC_0521 DSC_0476 DSC_0495 DSC_0497 DSC_0510 DSC_0524

So, we thought what better way to kick off spring than to give one of our amazing followers a warrior band for their little, and yes girls can totally rock them! All you have to do is head to my Instagram, @bahlbabies, for all the details on how to enter. For those that do not have an Instagram, all you have to do is head to Kindred Oak and comment on this post telling me what design Warrior Band you would get for little. Simple as that! Winner will be picked next Friday, April 18th! Good Luck (:
Elexis ❤

Spring has sprung.

As I was driving today, I noticed all of the blossoming trees. Then a bee flew towards my face and panic sunk in…Spring is here! Lol. I am only a little terrified of bees, but man do I love Spring. The blooming flowers and the chirping of the birds can make any day perfect. Also the weather is probably the best weather here in Utah. It’s not to hot and not to cold. It also means fun pastels and bright colors come out in my wardrobe! Fun skirts, shorts, and dresses! I love everything that comes with a Spring wardrobe.

As you know, my grandma is still here from New York and this last week we took the train to Salt Lake City and found this amazing secondhand shop. I am all about getting good deals on clothes and if you can find a good secondhand store in your area, do not be afraid to go in and check it out. So, we went in and I instantly fell in love. Nick, from Uptown Cheapskate, was so helpful and found me some amazing pieces. One of the pieces I found that I have to share is this amazing skirt, originally from Express.


It is the perfect colors for Spring and so comfy. Its not to thick and has a silky slip. Best part…I got it for $12.99!! I was interested to see what it originally cost, so I wandered into Express to ask a worker. Much to my surprise, it is still in the store! So, if you love it you can totally still get it (:





Skirt // Express from Uptown Cheapskate

Top // Rue 21 Similar

Sunglasses & Necklace // Forever 21

Sandals // Steve Madden

Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway from one of my favorite shops Kindred Oak
Elexis ❤

Everything is awesome.

We have been having just the absolute greatest time with my grandmother in town. The boys have become completely smitten with her and Bentleigh even convinced her to spend the night! He was pretty proud of himself. We have been all over the place, shopping here and there, playing outside, making lots of new food, and trying a ton of fun new things. She is teaching me how to make all natural facials from fruits, spices, and yogurt…I will totally share the recipes on here soon! She is such an amazing person. She still teaches yoga, recently went to school for make-up, went to barber school, and works for a college. Crazy! I hope that I am still as fit and active as she is when I am her age. She told me when I asked her why she went back to school that, “if you do not love something, you are not stuck doing that for ever. Change it up and try something new.” She is a total inspiration.

I used to call her every time I started a new “business” venture, scentsy, mary kay, the usual. She was always so supportive, but being physically here she has told me that they are definitely not for me. She is so right. I can not do the direct sale things. So, now that I have realized that I have so much more time to dedicate to the blog. Sounds crazy, but I totally love this and the crazy adventures it has taken me on.

With that here are some fun outfits the boys have been wearing the last few days. With running around, I am trying to dress comfy so that we can transition easily from shopping/running to play without having to change.




Bentleigh’s Outfit

Button up // Old Navy

Tank // Gap

Pants // Mini and Maximus

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Top // Prefresh

Leggings // H&M

Boots // Hunters


Bentleigh’s Outfit

Hooded Vest // H&M

Top // Slyfox Threads

Pants // Good Boy Friday

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Button up // Burlington

Tank // Knox and Lola

Sweats // Gap

Sandals // Saltwater Sandals

Beanie // Beau Hudson

So much fun stuff happening. Can not wait to share everything with y’all!

Elexis ❤