Studio 12.

I have been cutting Bentleigh hair for the last year almost. The last person I took him too totally messed it up and I just could not trust anyone after that. Then, I found my most amazing hair lady, Jandy Taylor, and totally fell in hair love. While getting my hair done, she mentioned that her boyfriend is an amazing barber. I am the biggest skeptic, so when she said that my first thought was, “your only saying that because he is your boyfriend.” But, she totally made me a believer in so many things I was skeptical about with my hair that I decided to give him a shot. So, when she text me this morning and said that she was going to be at his shop, I told her I would come in. He was over due for a hair cut anyways. Let me tell you all my worries went out the window. He is great with children! Bentleigh has always been a pro at getting his hair cut, but I always wanted someone that would make him feel comfortable. Jesse is truly an amazing barber! He did such a better job than I could EVER do, obviously so since I am not a barber lol. He was very patient and listened to everything I said about how I wanted it. It came out so much better than I every expected. They are opening a fabulous shop right on 12th and Monroe, if you live near Ogden I highly suggest you go to him! Hurleigh even got a trim. So sad about it but it honestly looks so much better and barely any length was taken off. Thank you Jesse for making Bentleigh look super stylish!









Outfit details.

Top // Mini and Maximus
Vest // H&M

Top // Mini and Maximus
Jeans // Baby Gap
Moccs // Freshly Picked “Chrome”



I am loving floral prints lately. It is so super girly. I have also had an obsession with tons and tons of bangles and with warm weather right around the corner, it is time to start thinking summer! What better to wear then a super cute tank. I fell in love with this tank when I saw it. Most nights I lay in bed, browsing Etsy for cute and fun items, and this was one of those.

“Stay Beautiful” is such a great message for all women out there. There is so much pressure on looks, that we just need to step back and love ourselves for who we are. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin and we need to embrace what we have been given and rock out your inner fierceness!

A floppy hat is always a super fun accessory and I love mixing prints. Besides the fact that I have a major obsession with black and white stripes…a very large obsession, stay tuned for the boys room redo…that I would wear these shoes with EVERYTHING! The pants are so fun and high waist which I love lately. Its a very comfy, yet fabulous mom look for a perfect summer day at the park. (:


Trademark of Awesome.

There is only one brand that can claim themselves as the trademark of awesome. Prefresh is one of the raddest brands around. Their tees are custom sewn, dyed, washed, and designed right here in the US. When I say their tees are soft, I mean the softest. There is no tee out there right now that compares. They recently just released some new designs that will totally make you fall in love. We are Prefreshians for life! You will not be disappointed. They are fun, wild, and totally amazing.

Jason and Tiffany are two awesomely rad folks from Portland, Oregon who make clothes for all the little kids out there. They design each piece themselves and their designs are brought to life in LA! “Often imitated, never duplicated”, you will not find anything like the items they offer out there.

These are two of the new tees they came out with. “USA” and “Young, Wild, Free”. Head over to their Instagram to show them some love and keep up to date on all their releases and sales!




Bentleigh’s Outfit.

Top // Prefresh

Sweater // Quinn and Fox

Pants // Good Boy Friday

Shoes // Converse

DSC_0153 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0158Hurleighs Outfit.

Top // Prefresh

Cardigan // H&M

Pants // Duchess and Lion

Sandals // Old Navy

Color Me Mine.

Every once in a while we get to spend a day with daddy doing something fun. He does not get to many days off, so we try our best to make the most of the ones that we get. Today, we took the boys to Color Me Mine, where you get to pick anything you want to paint and they seal it for you after. We have taken Bentleigh quite a few times and he loves it. One family can only have so many piggy banks let me tell you lol. This was the first time Hurleigh actually got to paint something. The times before he was not interested, and lets be honest after about 15 minutes he just wanted more and more paint. So fun none the less. Here are some pictures from our day (:

DSC_0117 DSC_0119 DSC_0120 DSC_0122 DSC_0123 DSC_0128Bentleigh had to have a snowman. He has been talking about him all day. It is going to be a long week till we can go pick him up. Hurleigh wanted a dog of course. He is a little obsessed.

DSC_0131 DSC_0132DSC_0130

Hurleighs Outfit.

Hat // Baby Gap – Similar

Top // Zara – Similar

Jeans // Joe Fresh – Similar

Moccs // Freshly Picked “Ox Blood”

DSC_0137 DSC_0140 DSC_0138Mommy Outfit

Top // Urban Outfitters – Similar

Kimono // TJ Maxx – Similar

Jeggings // Bohme

Sandals // Shoedazzle – Similar

Messy Fishtail Pony

With the band.

Lately I have been getting up and enjoying getting dressed. I say this over and over, but seriously my whole outlook on myself completely changed thanks to my fabulous hair lady, Jandy Taylor. So, there will be more mommy post now, yay! It is true that a great hair day boosts your confidence more than you could ever expect.

Today I went a little rocker. I got these amazing shoes from Shoedazzle in the mail Friday and I was super skeptical about them at first. When I first saw a wedge sneaker I thought they were horrid. That is totally my personality. I see something, hate it, and then a few months later I have to have it. I did not want something that look like a sneaker. So when I saw these they were perfect. They have that little bit of edge that I need and they are so comfortable. I used to wear heels all the time, but since having kids my life has been flats, flats, and more flats. I am slowly trying to get back to my collection of heels collecting dust in my closet.  I also love oversized tees. I love being comfortable, especially chasing these two wild boys around all day. Another staple in my closet this Spring, high waist jeans. I know with an oversized tee they are pointless, but they are so super cute! This pair from Flying Monkey is my most comfortable pair of jeans I own. It is my new favorite brand. I also love lots of chunky bracelets and bangles. My husband says I am a hoarder of jewelry. I can not help but buy a cute accessory if I am out.

DSC_0088 1mo 3mo DSC_0090 2mo DSC_0095Top // H&M

Jeans // Flying Monkey

Shoes // Shoedazzle

Bag // H&M

Necklace // Maurices – Similar

Bracelet // Maurices – Similar

Sunglasses // Tumbleweed Handcraft – Similar

Spring has sprung!


To say I am excited to crack my windows open and send the boys out back to play is an understatement. Being cooped up in the house is no fun for anyone! Spring has officially made its way to Utah! We’ve packed away the heavy coats and winter boots for wind jackets and rain boots! Along with the great spring weather comes another fab thing… Spring/Summer drops with all our favorite brands! My mind has been on overload with all the amazingness coming out this last few weeks. My bank account has been not so happy lol. I just wanted to share with you a few pieces we have received so far and a few pictures from our favorite line that just dropped today!


Hurleigh’s outfit details.

Top // Mini and Maximus “The Underground Collection” from Baby, Go Green

Pants // Duchess and Lion

Moccs // Freshly Picked “Chrome”

Hat // H&M


Beni’s outfit details

Tee // Prefresh SS14 from One Hip Kid

Jeans // Oshkosh Baby Girl, best jeans for skinny boys

Hat // Mini and Maximus


Tee // One Hip Kid

Jeans // TCP Jeggings

Moccs // Freshly Picked “Ivory”

Socks // Baby Gap


Beni’s outfit detail

Hat // Mini and Maximus

Top // Mini and Maximus “Los Banditos”

Bottoms // Mini and Maximus “The Underground Collection” from Baby, Go Green

Shoes // Gordman’s

They just a little excited about playing outside. They have had a blast swinging and sliding. We broke out the bikes and cars and have been spending as much time outside as we can!

This next brand is from a mama that is one of my favorites. I absolutely love her and she is the sweetest, kindest person I know. She is crazy hard-working and all of it shows in every detail of her work. It is exquisitely made and so adorable. Her new spring line just dropped today so head over to Kindred Oak to check out everything Paige has to offer!

ko2 ko

Amazing work! We were so honored to be able to work with her. We love everything. It will not disappoint I promise you. Head over to her Instagram now for a code for free shipping all weekend! (:

-Elexis ❤

Park Days.

While I absolutely love the snow, there is nothing better than the excitement the kids get when they get to play outside. Lately, the weather has been some what enjoyable. We had our first park play date of the summer today with some of our favorite people, @victoriaelder. This park also is at the best location. If you’ve ever seen the move Sandlot, then you’ll probably remember the great swimming pool scene with the waves on the wall. That right behind me! I did not know what it was until my friends told me. Since then I have seen the movie lol.


I absolutely love these little boys. That smile is totally contagious! He is the sweetest little boy in the world. He is so happy all the time. His big brother is a charmer too. A little ladies killer for sure, the things he says just melt my heart.

The best thing about playing outdoors? The pictures! Ah, get ready for picture overload. Bentleigh was so into following his friend around that he was MIA, but Hurleigh still needs my help so he was being Mr. Photogenic. He has been having a rough week. My normally very happy boy has been very upset and a little ticking time bomb. I am no doctor, but if he is anything like his brother, and has shown many signs, he has a dairy intolerance just like his daddy that spiked right around 18 months. So, we will be cutting back on dairy significantly. Good thing he LOVES fruits and veggies.


Hurleigh’s Outfit

Tee – Peek Kids // Button Up – H&M // Pants – Mini and Maximus // Moccs – Freshly Picked: Ox Blood

We’ve already made many plans for outdoor activities this spring/summer. What are your favorite outdoor activities to do as a family? (: Can not wait to share all our fun with you!