LOE Apparel

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and Vanessa on Instagram back in October of 2013. As soon as I saw their work I loved it. I am a very big supporter of handmade items, partially because I now that amount of work that goes into each and every item. This pair spares no amount of love in their products. The quality of their work is stellar and beyond amazing. Every item is cut and sewn right in their studio. I could gush and gush all day about the craftsmanship of their work. You know when you purchase from them you are going to be getting an item that was made with love and is going back to two families.

DSC_0514 DSC_0515

What I love most about LOE Apparel is, while they go with the trends, they are not afraid to take a risk. I love that they have prints I have never seen and that they do not just do what everyone else is doing. Both of the boys love their leggings…we all know I am a huge lover of leggings on boys…and Bentleigh tries to wear his almost everyday.

DSC_0516 DSC_0517

They also offer these cute infinity scarves and bandana scarves for your littles. They are the perfect weight for Spring.

Since I first met them on Instagram, they have branched out to not only leggings but new items also. I know that only great things will happen for them in the future and you will not want to miss it. If you head to their Instagram you can see behind the scene photos from their 2014 photo shoot! I promise you, you will not be disappointed with them or their products. Head over to their Etsy and check out everything available and show them some love. Also, follow them on their Instagram, @loeapparel.

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I can not say enough good things about Rebecca and Vanessa. I am very picky about the clothes I put on the boys and there is no question that I love LOE. You girls are amazing at what you do and I am so excited to see what you have coming.


Both Bentleigh and Hurleigh wearing the same leggings for two different styles.

The faux leather are my absolute favorite!

-Elexis ❤


Park City and Well Child checks.

This last weekend was my husband’s birthday. It is crazy to think that this is the 5th birthday of his we have spent together. Every year I try to do something amazing for him. He works so hard and this is the one day that is all about him. This year I decide to plan an over night trip for the family to Park City. All we wanted to do was sit in the hotel room and relax. Which we did! It was so amazing I did not want to come home. Bentleigh ended up not feeling well aka he was hungry and refused to eat. Hurleigh thought it was the greatest thing he had ever done. I took him out to walk around and get food and everyone made him the center of attention so he was in heaven. Shaeson and I just sat in the hot tub and relaxed. It was just what we needed to recharge. Then, we had some much-needed retail therapy on Sunday. I could not have asked for a better overnight getaway.

DSC_0498 DSC_0501 DSC_0502 DSC_0505

Then we had to come back to reality and the first thing on our to do list was Hurleigh’s 18 month check up. He is in perfect health. Skinny as expected, 18.89 pounds and 31 3/4 inches tall. So, of course we have to talk to a nutritionist and have jim weighed at Bentleigh 4 year appointment. This is old news. I swear it is deja vu to when Bentleigh was 18 months. He was a champ with his one shot.

Expect lots and lots of pictures soon! The weather is so nice! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend.

-Elexis ❤

Sailor Janes.

I talk a lot about living your dreams and that you can be whatever you put your mind to. If you feel it can be, go for it. That is one thing I want to instill in my boys. My mother always told me I can be whatever I want to be. My dream has never changed. I have always wanted to be a model. I love being in front of the camera and seeing what becomes of the process. While I had a few gigs I never did anything major. Now I am a mother and I am a model of a different sort. I am a model of what I want my children to be. I live my dream every day. I want them to know that no matter what happens they can be whatever they want to be. There will be struggles and failures, but if you do not fear trying you can get back up and fight for it.


One woman that truly caught my attention and my heart is Ashley. Ashley is the mama behind a fabulous online children’s boutique, . She is a true inspiration that you can not stop believing in your dreams. She started Sailor Janes in August of 2012 after having to leave her successful babies boutique behind after some personal problems. She never gave up though. She started Sailor Janes and since has been working to make it a successful boutique. She is an amazing mom and her drive and determination to succeed is beyond amazing.

You will find all of the best brands including our favorite, Mini and Maximus, at Sailor Janes. The best Spring/Summer 2014 collections are dropping in her shop every week. Recently she has launched Mini Rodini SS14, Moi Kidz, and Prefresh presales. She has so many more great brands coming that you will not want to miss, including Nununu and Bobo Choses. I will also keep you updated on when she has promotions and new stock added to her site. She is also apart of an amazing giveaway with over $7000 in prizes up for grabs. Just head to her Instagram @sailorjanes for the details on how to enter. Head to her site and check out all the new stuff and show her some love.

“Our only limitation are those we set up in our own minds.” -Napoleon Hill


What’s for lunch?

I’m always trying to come up with random stuff for lunch. Let’s be honest though they would eat hot dogs and mac and cheese everyday if I let them. Lately I have been grabbing and hoping lol that it turns out. Frankly I’m just sick of the same thing over and over.
Today I made lunch in under 20 mins. That’s including boiling time for noodles. We always have chicken in our fridge. I know if I can not get them to eat, chicken is my go to. I also recently moved to all frozen veggies. I found a green bean, wax bean, and carrot combo that has been a huge hit in our house.
So I have noodles by request, left over chicken, and veggies. I boiled up the noodles and then when they were done I sautéed them in olive oil, if you have a child that never gains this is for you, with seasoning and freshly grated romana and parmesan. In another pan I cooked the veggies in olive oil, we use it a lot lol, with the chicken and a little teriyaki sauce. 10 mins, plated, and on the table for the boys to eat! If I would not have had the chicken I would have just cut up a chicken breast into cubes and cooked them. You could also use fish, which bentleigh loves, Italian sausage, steak, or tofu.


Kids approved and we were done with lunch super quick and back to playing!

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child’s

-Elexis ❤