Most glorious mess.

Christmas is coming to an end and we had such an amazing day. I loved every second with my family. I just wanted to show you all some love and remind you I didn’t forget because I love all over you! So Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you all had a great day!

And to all a good night (:

-Elexis ❤


Kids Christmas List 2013

This year I feel so unprepared for Christmas. I could lie and say I have it all done, but I haven’t even started. I’ve made list after list and decided exactly what they are getting without actually purchasing anything. So my dear sweet husband took off work tomorrow to get it all done. Wish me luck! In my list making I have found some amazing things and wanted you to share my kids Christmas list with you.

Kids Christmas 2013

The teepee is a must! The pattern is amazing and I can’t wait to put it up! We ended up with the 5 panel instead of the 4, but it is still amazingness. Freshly Picked moccs should be on everyone’s list and have you seen their adorable new shirts! A definitely for under the tree. The mask, tail, and camera are perfect for using your imagination. These last couples months I’ve realized how attached they are to technology already and I wanted to take it back and get them to be kids. They play swords and color and I love watching them use their imagination everyday. These backpacks. What can I say about them. They have been all over my IG feed and this picture does no justice for them. You it. Nothing more to say about that. They’re the perfect little backpack for any toddler.

Now your probably wondering why number 7 is there. When I met my husband I wanted to put a photo album together of us when we were younger for our future children. I came out of the situation with one 8×10 of him and a picture of him and his brother. His family has almost no pictures of them as children and it broke my heart. He can look back at his childhood and remember all the fun he had. My parents took tons of pictures and I always wanted the same for my kids. Artifact Uprising was my number one choice because they make an IG friendly photo book and if your like me I want them to be able to look back at those pictures. It’s a perfect gift for now that will last forever.

So in my perfect world all of this would be under my tree right now, but since I am a slacker we will see how much makes it under there. Have fun browsing and checking out new items.
-Elexis ❤

Mommy Christmas List 2013

Whenever I get asked what I want for Christmas my mind instantly goes blank. I spend so much time thinking of what to get the boys that the only list in my head includes legos and cars. I usually say something for the house, which I did again this year but was told no. So I decided to sit down and actual think about what I would want. Of course I had to share it for you so you last minute shoppers can want all of it too (:

Mommy Christmas List 2013
I am the worst present receiver too. I already know I got 3 of the items on my list. Oops. I’m not one for surprises unless it involves the boys. Everything is something I have said “Oh that is super cute” or “I need that” and then continue to not buy because I see something equally as cute the the boys “need”.
Have fun checking them all out and drop some hints and hopefully something you like will be under your tree! (:
-Elexis ❤

Snow day!

We had a nice day today! We took full advantage of it and went outside to play. Let me just tell you the Bahl babies are apparently not made for cold weather. We made it a whole five minutes before we had a full blown meltdown. So we promptly went inside and had hot chocolate. The five minutes we spent outside were fun though (:




I absolutely love the little moments like these. Whether they last 5 minutes or an hour. That snowsuit Hurleigh is wearing was also Bentleigh’s suit when he was little. I love when I can see both of them in a piece of clothing.
Ever since the semester ended I have been working a lot on getting all the orders from the shop out for Christmas and spending every waking moment that I am not working doing something fun with the boys.

Yesterday we went to see Santa, which could not have gone any better. This year Bentleigh was very serious about it. He told him everything he wanted and was so anxious standing in line. It is fun to see how they enjoy things more as they get older. Hurleigh on the other hand didn’t think it was fun, at all. He did not cry, but he would not smile for anyone. I’ll take that as a success.
Stay tuned for some last minute gift ideas and what’s on our Christmas lists! I’ll leave you with this total boy moment we caught of Beni today. Love you all!

-Elexis ❤

No Bullying

If you know me you know I have developed a slight obsession with Mini and Maximus. I love the way their clothes fit the boys and they are so fun and unique. I’ve already shared with you their new line “Bringing Back the Cool”, but I wanted to put together an outfit with one item I am a little obsessed with.
I love that they have such a great message on this hoodie. The design is simple. No bullying. We live in a world where bullying is a common thing for children. I want to raise the boys to love with no boundries and not judge anyone based on age, race, sexual preference, or religion. This hoodie is a perfect way to voice that message. And of course it is so cute. Here is an outfit idea for the little fella or miss in your life!
No Bullying

Bring back the cool.

If you haven’t already you definitely need to check out Mini and Maximus now! They just came out with their new “Bring Back The Cool” line and it is AMAZING!





All of my favorite prints back for this limited edition collection. Totally perfect for the holidays too! So run and check it out (:
You can also find the collection at Chicky Pop and Baby, Go Green.
Stay tuned for some outfit ideas featuring a few if these amazing hoodies!
-Elexis ❤

Pizza and movies!

I love nights like this. It’s freezing out so you crank the heat up high, turn the Christmas lights on, make some pizza, and snuggle up with popcorn and watch a movie. I would do this everyday if I could, but I’m sure my husband would quickly get sick of pizza. LOL and we haven’t don’t outfits in a while! The cold weather is is my favorite cause I love all the textures and patterns mixed together!

This is the lovely pizza that beni and shaes picked out. His cravings haven’t got the memo they are no longer needed so we came home with a Hawaiian BBQ…looks semi good so fingers crossed. I of course got a classic pepperoni with black olives. Can’t go wrong with take and bake!




Hurleigh clearly couldn’t wait lol.

Beni’s outfit.
Top // Mini and Maximus
Sweater // Target
Leggings // Made by mommy.
Hat // Tiny Whales
Shoes // Old Navy

Hurleigh’s Outfit.
Top // Zara
Cardigan // H&M old season
Pants // Mini and Maximus
Hat // H&M
Scarf // Buckle
Shoes // I believe Target but from a while ago! Got them from a friend (:

Now to decide what movie. How the grinch stole Christmas is clearly the correct choice, but I’m being out number to watch ninja turtles! Love my boys (:

Elexis ❤

Oh and I got this amazing gift from the sweetest woman. If you have not checked out Brin and Bell head over there now! I wear my necklace all the time and now have a remember acne piece I will cherish forever! Thank you Lindsay!