Casual Saturday OOTD

Well most the day we spent hanging out at home cleaning. Shaeson worked all day and Bentleigh spent the night at grandpa’s so we are just now going to pick him up. Hurleigh and I cleaned and had a dance party! If you missed his moves on IG you should really go check them out LOL. He’s got moves like jagger haha! But here is his outfit of the day (: and a little mommy advice too!


Top | 32nd & Elm
Cardigan | H&M
Leggings | Made by me!
Moccs | Freshly Picked

Loving the cool weather! And with that comes out the fall clothes for mommies too! I just got this great scarf! I’ve been eyeing it for a while and finally found it for cheaper than $20!! Love it!

Paired with a basic button earring and a plain long sleeve. I threw a navy vest over just to give it more color! Can’t go wrong! Super easy to throw on a plain tee with a scarf and you have a fabulous outfit! (:

Scarf | Buckle

Until next time,
-Elexis (:


The joys of being a DIY mom!

I have wanted a teepee since Bentleigh was little. We were going to make it for him for his 2nd birthday. Then as a big brother gift for when Hurleigh was born, Christmas…you get the trend. The teepee never happened LOL. Well I happened to bring it up again, really I just wanted to buy one because even though I have a sewing machine I didn’t want to do it. Call me lazy. Now that I’ve made it….I have a new-found respect for teepee makers! It was hard! maybe it was the fabric I picked, maybe I’m being dramatic haha but either way it was a pain in my rear. But I did it! I made a teepee! YAY me! Never again LOL. If this one breaks you better believe I will be on the hunt for someone to make me a fabulous one! But the kids love it which is what I wanted in making it. It’s not perfect by any means. There are strings, that my husband went around and cut for me, the dowels we bought were way to big, the fabric doesn’t match like I wanted, but I made it with my bare hands. I wanted to cry a few times LOL and I literally broke out in a sweat, big oversized dowels and too small of dowel holes made for a great arm workout. So here is what you have all been waiting for!


I started by buying a pattern from Lovelimekids on etsy. The pattern was very easy to understand even though the ladies at the cut counter were not happy to have to do everything in cm. Sorry!

I really thought when I bought this fabric it would match my house. I was wrong and now I am regretting letting my husband have a say! But its cute and I wanted him to help. Learned my lesson. I picked a suede sort of fabric for the sides. I thought it would make it look more authentic. The bottom mat was supposed to be fabric, matting, fabric. Well I found that great quilted fabric that had already done it for me. The brown I picked as trim for the bottom mat. My husband said it didn’t match but clearly he knows nothing about picking out fabrics.


Don’t get me wrong the fabric is amazing. I think I just have visions of leopard print in my head. That fabric was fantastic!




And thank gosh for disappearing ink. I seriously had the worst time trying to get straight lines on this thing. Only to cut it and realize I had measured wrong! Thankfully I measured long and not short! I wanted so badly to get it done that night. I may have neglected dinner and cleaning. But my dear sweet husband made me dinner, tacos, and gave the kids a bath. Definitely made up for his fabric choice LOL.



I set it up while the kids were sleeping so I could surprise them. And look at how happy Beni was! Only problem…it’s his teepee and Hurleigh isn’t allowed in there. We may need to work on this sharing with your brother thing a little more HAHA.


Like I said before it’s not perfect but the kids played in it the whole morning! Bentleigh wanted to eat breakfast and lunch in it! He dragged all his stuffies in there. Now we just need some fab pillows and blankets for it and we’ll be set!






-Elexis ❤

Labor Day sales!

Yay! I love this time of year. Sadly my wallet does not haha nor my husband! As Labor Day sales come out I will be updating this post for you all to see what is out there (: I also have started a post on my IG bahlbabies that features so great brands having sales! Enjoy (:

Old Navy 30% off or 35% with in store cc

Cotton On 30% off shorts, tees, and dresses

Ruum extra 40% off everything!

Minky Couture free shipping and 40% off!

Carter’s 50% off!!

Urban Outfitters 30% off sale items

Gymboree extra 40% off sale items!

Gap 40% off select styles and 15% off online only

Hello Apparel 50% only tanks and shorts

SunSaltSurfBaby $15 leggings!

Chicky Pop Shop 20% off excludes Mini Rodini

ChildHoods has amazing hoodies up for grabs for $40 on her IG

Salt City Emporium 30% off

Sugarlimelane 15% off with code SUMMERSALE

Indie Nook 20% off with code IG5000

Toddlords 50% off tanks!

Kickinlegs BOGO 50% off!

Stay Rad Clothing 20% off tees!

Louis B 15% off $65 or more

Dotdotsmile 3 leggings for $30 with code 3FOR30

Kindredoak 20% off with code LABOR20

Michelle Dwight Designs 15% off with code MDWEEKEND

Bcprints buy 2 get one free!

Asummerafternoon10% off with code INSTAGRAM

Talking Threads 15% off with code INSTAFRIENDS

Tumbleweeds Handcraft 30% off with code LABOR

OwO Shoes 20% off with code BACKTOSCHOOL

Littlebigfabric 20% off with code LABOR! And visit her IG for an extra special gift!

Brin and bell 15% off with code LABORDAY15

Juniper Wilde 25% off!

Lovedbyhannahandeli Free domestic shipping on toddler tanks!

Raine and Monet 50% off!!!

Hush Little Baby.

A sweet mama from susiescustom, who will be features on the blog within the next week, asked me what I am going to be putting on the blog? And I told her exactly how I felt, in any direction the readers take it. I already love this blog so much but I want to keep you guys happy and reading. So what direction will it be going in? Only the future can tell. Maybe someone wants a good recipe one week. I won’t hesitate to share one of my favorites! Or someone wants to know what it is like married to a solider. And I will gladly tell you. This really can go as far as the readers let it! Without you I am basically writing a journal. So I hope you continue to read and continue to love what I post. If not let me know! We can switch it up! Have some fun with it (: there are endless possibilities!

And on that note the first post I was asked to share is on sleep. Or lack there of. Cause let’s face it as moms we somehow manage to run on little to no sleep. Or at least I do! Most night I lay in bed while everyone is asleep , wide awake, and I can’t shut down cause I am up thinking of the things I could be doing while no one is awake to run behind me and mess it up again. And then we finally fall asleep only to be woken in a few hours to a little that wants to nurse or a potty trip in the middle of the night. So how do we do it? Simple. We’re moms.
I know I know totally cliché. But really there is no explanation for it. I can tell you what has worked for us and some people may not like it. We co-sleep. That is the only way we can get any amount of sleep at all. Hurleigh still wakes on average twice a night. If your my midwife your going to tell me that he is too old to be waking up that much. And I’ll tell you thanks for the advice. But that’s how he is. And instead of getting out of bed and grabbing him, nursing him, laying him back down, and then getting back into bed only for me to try to fall asleep again, we co-sleep so he wakes up and we nurse while we both comfortable lay there. I am not saying that having your child sleep in a crib/bassinet is bad. I am just saying what has worked for us. Bentleigh slept in our bed till Hurleigh was born and then most nights after potty break I find him in our bed. I’m a sucker for those big brown sleepy eyes so I can’t say no. My advice. Find what works for you. Nap when your baby naps. And remember the sleepless nights don’t last forever!
The featured shop of the night know all about sleep. And honestly she may have made our nights a little better! Juniper Wilde is an amazing shop created by Nicole. You can find her shop at Juniper Wilde or on IG: Juniper_wilde. We have her amazing mountain pillow and let me tell you…it is the SOFTEST pillow EVER!!! She has not only pillows but blankets, top knot hats, and turban knot headbands. I can only imagine that the rest of her items are just as soft!
She opened up shop in 2010 and has since grown into a fabulous business using GOTS certified organic cotton material. Graduating with a bachelors in interior design, I think she’s really found her calling in all the amazing nursery items she has to offer! All her designs are exclusive to Juniper Wilde so you won’t find any of these amazing designs anywhere else. So you better hurry and grab some (:
But in seriousness you can’t pose a 13 month old like this! He really sleeps with it every night! Wakes up, nurses, and rolls back over only to sleep on this heavenly pillow. You have Hurleighs stamp of approval Nicole. And he is very high maintenance LOL
We can’t wait to add many more Juniper Wilde items to our collection!
-Elexis ❤

Blogging on the go!

Today we ventured to my favorite store, Target!

We didn’t come for anything special other than to check out theirs fall selection for clothes! And let me tell you, I am loving everything! Ill post a few must haves for you (:

90% of our time is spent in the toy section. And now they both run in different directions. It’s a mess lol.


But on to the clothes! I am literally in love with the target fall collection! They have a new love art collection too! If my husband wasn’t there lol. I’m a sucker for vintage superhero looks.


And what little boy doesn’t love batman and superman! And I know there are little girls out there that would love it too! I didn’t get the whole collection but I convinced him we needed two of them! Job well done!
Another must have for fall! Sweaters! Cardigans, pull overs, hoodies, any type I absolutely love! Target has some great ones right now and so reasonably priced!

Two of my favorites I found! I clearly need to come back without my husband. You know men!
And I found this set for the littles! OMG can I have another little baby right now please. I about cried when they didn’t have hurleighs size! Totally sad about it!

There were so many great things but the kids started to fight and hurleigh was not having it anymore!

Until tomorrow
-Elexis ❤

Outfit of the day.

I am so happy that it is starting to get cooler out. Fall outfits are my absolute favorite! Don’t get me wrong summer is so fun with all the bright colors but I am a sucker for fall colors, cardigans, and hats. Todays outfits of the day include some of my favorite items and I will include a little something about one of my all time favorite brands! Here we go (:

Hurleigh’s OOTD


We just got this shirt in the mail today! Ah and I am already in love. Totally regretting not getting it for Beni too. Mind you I had already picked out outfits and had them photographed when this arrived. Change of plans LOL. It comes from a great company called Camp Wolf. Find them on IG here: They will be coming out with a whole new fall collection and I am soooo excited!

Shirt | Camp Wolf

Leggings | Levi & Marley

Hat | IG, ah I can’t remember where we got it but you can find them on ebay

Moccs | “elk hide” Freshly Picked

Don’t be afraid to mix colors. Everyone for as long as I can remember told me blacks and browns don’t go together. Psh. They’re nuts! And have to love a little pop of color!


Bentleigh’s OOTD


He is so obsessed with these moccasins its ridiculous. When he first saw them he instantly put them on. His face lit up when I said he was wearing them today. And great thing about fall, he gets to wear long sleeves! He asks to wear a jacket aka anything long sleeve every day. He’s crazy.

Shirt | One Jackson

Jacket | Target

Jeans | Osh Kosh

Moccs | Freshly Picked

Hat | H&M


Love greens for fall! Everything is changing colors so they really pop! And every one asks where I get skinny jeans from. Secret. I get them at all the normal places, I just shop in the girls section! Beni is super skinny and they work perfect!

Now for a staple in our wardrobe. I have decide to post about this brand because you will be seeing them in our OOTD probably almost every day. One of my favorite brands. And the creator. She’s great too!


I never knew about Freshly Picked until I got really into IG. Which is crazy because they are out of Utah. I have very quickly filled the boys closet with them. They are perfect for your little of all ages. Both my boys wear them and they are 1 and 3. With sizes ranging from 1-10 you will for sure find a pair that you’ll love.


Susan, creator of Freshly Picked, is beyond words amazing. I had the great privilege of meeting her in person and hanging out at the Freshly Picked headquarters and she is so humble and loving and just an all around great person. If you have not had a chance to check them out hurry and go now! You wont be disappointed. (: Link here: or her IG at Freshlypicked.


As you can see I am a little obsessed. That’s not even all of them! But I am now noticing we need a little more color! Time to go get some new ones (: She has amazing leather and suede! What color do you think should be the next to add to our collection? (: Share here or on our IG! We may just get the one you suggest!

Until next time,

-Elexis ❤

The best accessories.

All you mommies out there, this one is for you. Today I will be featuring two of my go two accessories and their amazing creators! Every sunday will be just for you. I will include an outfit of the day and then will feature one or two amazing shops.

As you know from the previous outfit of the day post we had a birthday party today. I knew I would be chasing kids around so I kept it super casual. That does not mean you can’t look amazing! I went with my go to jeggings and a baggy white tee. Simple yet classic. You can never go wrong with basics.


Jeggings | Bohme

Top | Cotton On

Sandals | Tilly’s

Earrings & Necklace | Featured Shops!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. The first amazing shop I will be featuring makes an item I have been searching for for quite some time. Ever since I had kids I have wanted a mommy necklace. Sure there are plenty out there, but nothing really caught my eye. I knew I wanted something basic but still fabulous. Something I could wear with everything. And I am happy to say I found the perfect necklace.

I first came across Brin and Bell on IG. If you don’t follow her you should. I saw a few pictures and they really caught my eye. I finally checked out her etsy and saw it. The perfect mommy necklace. And she had Hurleigh and Bentleigh’s initials as a demo necklace! That never happens. I knew from then on it was meant to be. So because I was so indecisive I just stalked her IG and etsy for a while, looking back at the necklace from time to time. I knew I had to have it.


I purchased the H and the B and she gifted me the heart which was totally sweet of her. It really gave it that little something extra. I wear them layered but you can mix and match. Wear the heart between the letters or just the heart if your feeling like just a little something. Luckily she lived about an hour and a half away from me so not only was I getting an amazing necklace but I got to meet an amazing mama too. Lindsay is one of the nicest woman I have met. She answered all my questions and made my purchase so easy. I knew I was getting a great product but the necklace in person is so beautiful. It’s simple, dainty, but still has that eye catching quality.


Every mama needs one! They would make great gifts too! Check out her etsy here:

The next accessory is something I am crazy about. If you don’t know about button earring your missing out! I am obsessed and that is putting it lightly. Gigi, creator of Littlebigfabric, has quickly become an amazing friend of mine. She is such a talented lady! And one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has amazing designs and is always pushing to find something new. There is at least one pair in her shop that everyone will love…unless your me there are many!


My favorite pair from her is Harper. I have them in both colors, I told you obsessed LOL. I love them so much I wore them during our family pictures. They are simple and one of my favorite colors, TEAL! Im sensing a theme here, simple. But really you can dress these up or down.


She has recently started a new venture over at Littlebigfabric, LBF Love Bag. This month it includes a cute cell phone cover and matching earrings! A girls best friends, her cell phone and jewelry. Every month she will offer a bag with different items in there and a Littlebigfabric custom piece! And it is only $30!! Check it out here:


She is always coming out with new designs so make sure to follow her on IG at Littlebigfabric and check out her store here:

I hope you enjoyed the first two of many featured shops! Make sure to visit them and show them some love! I will leave you with the Bahl Babies (:


-Elexis ❤